Exit 11 Carwash: Cleaning Up Your Act

State-of-the-Art Carwash Equipment

Exit 11 Carwash offers new, state-of-the-art carwash equipment for the areas of Bedford, Nashua, and Merrimack to get your vehicle's interior and exterior spotless. Our carwash has 3 different carwash bays (including a bay for larger vans, trucks, & SUVs) and an automatic touch free system so you won't have to wait in line to wash your vehicle. We offer 5 turbo vacuum cleaners and an upholstery cleaner for the interior of your car or truck. Our touch free carwashes come in 4 different levels with prices ranging from $9 to $12, and if you buy 5 carwashes, you'll get the 6th one free! There is no reason why you shouldn't keep your vehicle's interior and exterior clean when you have the option of coming to Exit 11 Carwash.


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